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"When Betty and Barney Hill's "Interrupted Journey" exploded onto the scene in 1966, Susan was hooked on the UFO and abduction mystery. Even as a child, she sensed the serious nature of "flying saucers.” A long time Mutual UFO (MUFON) member, Susan hosted the 1999 Symposium near Washington, DC. She has lectured and created artwork for several book projects such as Richard Hall's "The UFO Evidence—Part II" and the "Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia" compiled by Ron Story. She was also a major consultant on “Grassroots UFOS” by Michael Swords. Susan is currently the MUFON Virginia state director and on the executive committee of the Fund for UFO Research." [1] Her husband is Rob Swiatek.

She was the founding editor for the JAR: Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research . [1]

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