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Sut Jhally "is well known on college campuses, to both students and faculty, through his controversial and award-winning film Dreamworlds: Desire/Sex/Power in Music Video. As the founder and executive director of The Media Education Foundation he is also the producer of another dozen films (including The Date-Rape Backlash; Advertising and the End of the World; Tough Guise - Violence, the Media and the Crisis in Masculinity (with Jackson Katz); and Killing Us Softly 3 - Advertising's Image of Women (with Jean Kilbourne)) dealing with issues from commercialism and popular culture to violence and gender. The author of 4 books and numerous scholarly and popular articles, Sut Jhally is one of the world's leading experts on advertising and media studies. He is also a renowned public speaker and teacher. He has won the coveted "Distinguished Teacher Award" at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where the student newspaper has also voted him "Best Professor." He has shown his films and lectured at many colleges and universities nationally and internationally. He was named one of New Woman magazine's "People of the Year" in 1992." [1]

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