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The TEKIO "mission is to empower a whole new generation of youth social entrepreneurs with the tools and sustainable practices to transform themselves, their communities and their environment toward a world that seeks balance with nature and well being for all." [1]

Advisory Council

Accessed November 2008: [2]

  • Hanne Strong - Founder of Earth Restoration Corps
  • Tiahoga Ruge - General Director, Center for Sustainable Education, part of the Ministry of the Environment , Mexico
  • Albert Bates - President, Global Village Institute
  • Beatrice Briggs - President, International Institute of Facilitation and Consensus Management
  • Fabio Manzini - Professor, UNAM Mexico - Renewable Energy specialist
  • Olivia Chumacero - Professor. Native American liaison
  • Ivan Zuniga - General Director, Environmental Education Fund, Mexico


Web: http://www.tekio.net

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