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No, privatizing ss will not work. Most working people aren't able to invest intelligently. ss was right when it was set up. It is a government program and should remain a government program. It is the duty of Congress to stop trashing America. It is the duty of the Congress as representatives of the people to protect the program from abuse. The $1 trillion the program is owed should be repaid from the recipients of Congressional largesse, including the military, federal departments, energy,international loans such as those to Israel and Egypt, tax cuts to wealthy, etc. etc. Congress should reform itself and put some controls in place, or expect to be reformed and, if necessary, punished for its generations of abuse of a program meant as a government safety net for older citizens in need of one. There is no excuse for the way in which recent Congresses have spent the people's taxes; in particular, the Social Security Fund. Let's stop trying to find new ways to screw the people and put the money back in ss where it belongs.