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Notes from ATK's 2003 SEC Annual Filing:

Alliant is working with the NRC to amend an existing Alliant license to store depleted uranium contaminated sand at ATLF (Joliet Army Ammunition Plant). This sand was discovered the summer of 1994. It appears that it was residual from a cleanup in 1989. The NRC was notified and a cleanup was conducted. As part of the remediation effort, the sand is now being accumulated on site, awaiting final disposition.

statement regarding competition:

ATK generally faces competition from a number of competitors in each business area, although no single competitor competes along all three of ATK's operating segments. ATK's principal competitors in each of its operating segments are as follows:

Aerospace: Pratt & Whitney Space and Missile Propulsion of United Technologies Corporation; Aerojet-General Corporation, a subsidiary of GenCorp Inc.; Atlantic Research Corporation, a subsidiary of Sequa Corporation; The Boeing Company; Lockheed Martin Corporation; Raytheon Company; Bell Helicopter Textron, a subsidiary of Textron Inc.; Northrop Grumman Corporation; Applied Aerospace Structures Corporation; Programmed Composites Inc., a division of Pressure Systems, Inc.; GKN plc; Aurora Bearing Company; AAR Corp.; Ducommun Incorporated; Marion and Lincoln Composites, both subsidiaries of General Dynamics Corporation; Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc.; and Goodrich Corporation.

Precision Systems: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Inc., (GD-OTS) a subsidiary of General Dynamics Corporation; Raytheon Company; Textron Inc.; L3/KDI; L3/Bulova Technologies; and Giat Industries S.A.

Ammunition: GD-OTS; Winchester Ammunition of Olin Corporation; Remington; and various importers, including P.M.C., Fiocchi, and Selliers & Belloitt.

The downsizing of the munitions industrial base has resulted in a reduction in the number of competitors through consolidations and departures from the industry. This has reduced the number of competitors for some programs, but has strengthened the capabilities of some of the remaining competitors. In addition, it is possible that there will be increasing competition from the remaining competitors in business areas where they do not currently compete, particularly in those business areas dealing with electronics.

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I'm not sure what the origin of this statement was so have removed it from the page. --Bob Burton 14:39, 5 December 2007 (EST)

"for the U.S. Air Force and over a million 120mm M829 rounds (described by the Army as the world's most lethal kinetic energy shell) for the U.S. Army."