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Pretty harsh and biased description of American Free Press, I should say. I write for American Free Press and wrote for The Spotlight until it was seized by the court in June 2001.

It should be noted that American Free Press is opposed to U.S. intervention in the Middle East, and elsewhere. The reader should also be aware that American Free Press and the former Spotlight are the only newspapers in the United States that report on Bilderberg meetings.

I would have to say that SourceWatch's description of American Free Press is very unfair and reveals an extreme bias.

Christopher Bollyn

Good addition to this page, Chris. I was a long time member of the Liberty Lobby Board of Policy and am a charter subscriber to American Free Press and the AFP Readership Council. I am also a charter subscriber to The Barnes Review. I have learned more from these two publications than most people could ever comprehend. Thank you for your contributions and hard work.

Jim Betker

-- relocate from article page pending rewrite --Bob Burton 23:07, 5 Apr 2005 (EDT) The American Free Press is an ultra-right-wing Holocaust denial website that claims that Flight 93 (one of the 9/11 hijacked flights) never existed. Presumably, the eyewitnesses to the flight are all Mossad operatives keeping "the truth" from the American public, although their "article" claiming "no plane" in Pennsylvania does not address the eyewitness testimony and the obvious physical evidence that shows their claims are mere "chaff," a distraction from the real story. These sorts of distractions seem to get more and more bizarre with each passing month -- and few of these distractions dare talk about the 9/11 wargames that probably paralyzed the air defense over Washington and New York, NORAD and the role of Dick Cheney. Who benefits from redirecting the discussions about 9/11 complicity to blurry photos, evidence-less science fiction theories, and no plane stories that are absolutely refuted by eyewitness testimony and abundant physical evidence?

See for the real story of Flight 93, including fairly convincing evidence that the plane was shot down. Updated September 17, 2004 9-11 Mysteries Remain Three Years After Terror Attacks, Public Still Doubts 'Official' Story By Christopher Bollyn

AFP also promotes the fiction that there was a giant explosion at WTC Building 6 - which has been ably refuted at

The American Free Press promotes "The Barnes Review," a neo-nazi holocaust denial site that shares the same mailing address as AFP. The "Barnes Review" homepage includes this gem:

Adolf Hitler: An Overlooked Candidate for the Nobel Prize By Alex S. Perry Jr. If anyone deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, it was Adolf Hitler. Hitler did not want war. World War II was forced on Germany.

From AFP Editor

First of all, you have it all screwed up. The web site,, which posted those questionable memos, is run by Gregory Douglas and has nothing to do with The Barnes Review or AFP. Mr. Douglas hosts his own web site, but does not contribute to The Barnes Review or AFP. Mr Douglas is the sole source of those memos.

Second, AFP has nothing to do with The Barnes Review. I have no say about what goes on at The Barnes Review. Barnes Review advertises with AFP. But that is the extent of the relationship.

Also, AFP does not share the same mailing address as AFP or the same phone numbers.

See here

And here:

However, I do choose what stories go into AFP. In fact, I am the guy who puts the newspaper together every week so I should be able to comment on it accurately and authoritatively.

There is really only one source for this garbage on-line and that is Mark Rabinowitz at For those of us who are really concerned with getting to the bottom of government conspiracies, you have to wonder about Rabinowitz, who has made himself out to be the arbiter of what constitutes legitimate discourse on 9-11. Most legitimate 9-11 researchers consider him to be a crank at best and a shill at worst.

Frankly it doesn't matter what people say about AFP. People who actually read it know better. We are neither neo-nazi nor racist. We draw support from all sides of the political spectrum. This is the problem with user-supported on-line encyclopedias. I know this doesn't make for great controversy, but that is reality.

- C. Petherick Editor, American Free Press