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Relocated this unreferenced statement - However, with the rise of the Republicans at state and national level ALRA's activities have diminished.

Not so. The issues change but the fight goes on with the GOP in control. The reason is that both parties are equally addicted to wasteful "pork" projects, and the GOP's big money people (Bush Treas. Sec. Hank Paulson for example was Pres. of Nature Conservancy) are very close with the land trusts who constantly seek land acquisition funding and special favors in the tax code. See new language and links as examples of ALRA fighting Republican sponsored legislation and a Bush 43 nominee. - user Hardiman

Personally this organization smells like a front for the timber industry, just on the basis of its opinion toward the Roadless Logging rule. The Roadless Logging rules, would to anyone actually living in or around a nationally protected area, would be devastating to property values and common sense. Seeing the picturesque forest around you torn asunder and turned into a tree farm is not my idea of an attractive vista.


--- Relocating unreferenced statement from Cushman page.--Bob Burton 20:44, 10 Jan 2005 (EST)

ALRA was established after winning a five year battle with the National Park Service, which had attempted to involuntarily seize residents' property and pay them pennies for each dollar of land value in the small town of Wawona.