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OKay .... I'm awake now ... Financial/donor restrictions apply to Congressmen and Congresswomen ... i.e., planes, trains, and automobiles, for example. BUT, the "use" of, oh, let's say, the ASCUSA "Air America" planes, trains, and automobiles would fall under, oh, let's guess, NO scrutiny at all?

Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzze. And, did you get this from the info, absolutely everybody in Congress belongs to this organization -- the National Security Caucus in particular -- in one way or another?

How does that go? Allee Allee in Free?? AI 9/3/03 14:13 (EDT)

Allee Allee OX in Free - you can get any size bull through the door this way - right into the China shop.

This entry could be better written. But, it's missing some stuff. Like what's the links between these folks and The Fellowship? Are the Nazis pursuing their old agenda by promoting violent Likud-style colonial Zionism - to the point where Israel has no support, and can be wiped out down to the 144,000 survivors Revelation can be read to predict, all of whom convert to Christianity in the wild dreams of the insane who presently run Washington? And whose man is Joseph I. Lieberman? Inquiring minds want to know.

As for CIA/Nazi links, yawwwn. The CIA has since it's founding taken a Nazi point of view. As for me I agree with Truman on this: "NO Goddamn Nazis!" He was ignored, of course.

One thing this entry does not fully explain is the aliens. But if Nazi technology was used to build flying saucers (they were *way* ahead in jets and rockets, remember), oh say out in New Mexico, that would explain everything.

can't find a new url for American Security Council at --chaizzilla 23:02, 19 Mar 2005 (EST)

An edit to this file was stopped today due to information which was being deleted from it, although the "editor" emailed SW to inform that the file was being updated. However, large sections of the file were being deleted, in particular the discussion about accessing the website itself. It would appear that the file was being made more organizationally "PC".

IMHO, edits to this file bear watching. Artificial Intelligence 12:00, 16 Aug 2005 (EDT)