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Started basic overview. Will add links to "tort reform" in a day or two. Looking through their newsletters, lots of interesting material.

They say judicial hell holes are made by "Judges" but I haven't yet found any names of judges yet.

They mentioned in their newsletter, that legislators are blocking laws that will defend our telecom companies from lawsuits regarding government wiretapping. Sure their are lots of material on these as the NSA wiretapping has been all over the news.

We need a section on "mandatory arbitration" clauses, as this prevents people from having access to the courts. It appears that they agree with these agreements. I have not established this firmly, more research is required.

They are upset about their being no cap on damages regarding anticipated medical cost. Apparent the cost incurred in medical malpractice should not be a factor...

Way too much material in their newsletter to go through.

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Martin Connor was president of ATRA (1994). [citation needed]