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Relocated unreferenced material from article page. --Bob Burton 14:59, 26 Mar 2006 (EST)

one of many diversionary cover groups operated by the California Energy Crisis operators.

On a much larger scale, Americans for Affordable Electricity promoted deregulation and market based utilites. The size and firepower of the deregulation

Enron operated in collusion with the government in a classic partnership with PACS and soft money lobbies. While Enron traders were laughing about rerouting California's energy supply and forcing it to pay emergency hikes and guarantees, the government and media completely diverted the public's attention and options for defense.

The Unites States government was warned by paramilitary, military, and extra national interests that the 'California Energy Crisis' was in fact a large scale theft of the state of California's record budget surplus.

However, groups like Americans for Affordable Electricity had been created in advance to churn out both memes and media in advance of the 'Energy Crisis'. The large scale PR campaign operated in consortium between the state of california, PG&E, Enron, and the federal government, relied on an interlocking series of myths for public consumption.