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Edit note

Dear Dalliance,

The previous ARISE article adhered to SourceWatch guidelines.

Information about the group's formation, leadership, funding structure, professional PR assistance and media activities was published in an article in the journal Social Science and Medicine (SSM) in February 2008. I co-authored the article. My co-authors and I spent months piecing together the story of ARISE from tobacco industry documents, news articles and other sources. I excerpted from the SSM piece to create the article on SourceWatch (SW), and I referenced the SSM article at the end of the SourceWatch article. You erased this reference, however, when you made wholesale changes to the article. Below is the reference that was included at the end of the SW article. If you read the article, you'll see that the information on ARISE that was included in the SW article is all thoroughly referenced to primary source documents:

Tobacco industry sociological programs to influence public beliefs about smoking.

Landman A, Cortese DK, and Glantz S

Social Science & mMedicine (1982) 66(4):970-81, 2008 Feb

The article is behind a paywall, but I would be happy to email you a PDF version of a galley proof if you'd like to read it.

Since the SSM article is referenced in great detail, I saw no need to re-create each and every individual reference for the article in SourceWatch.

I appreciate contributions to the ARISE article, however the global changes you have made -- including your deletion of the single, key reference on which the article was based -- pose a problem. I will attempt to blend information you have included with information from the original article, to arrive at a compromise. Thank you for your contributions and communication.

Anne Landman, TobaccoWiki Editor


Yesterday I made a number of changes to the previous document taking out only speculation and replacing it with fact backed up by the existing references.

as per the Sourcewatch guidelines:

"If you come across something in SourceWatch which you think is unsubstantiated or inaccurate, we would encourage you to help improve and correct the article rather than reporting the error to the staff editors."

Now you have replaced this article with a brand new one with no individual references to back up any of the numerous libelous claims made throughout the piece.

If you have material to substantiate these claims please include it otherwise as per the site intructions

"Unsubstantiated material: All material posted on SourceWatch should be linked to a verifiable external source, with only minor exceptions. It is preferable to attempt to find a source for the unsubstantiated material rather than deleting it, but that may be necessary in come cases."


"Unfair or inaccurate material: All material posted on SourceWatch should meet the "fair and accurate" standard. It is preferable to fix the offending content, keeping whatever is salvageable, rather than just deleting it.

I think if one is going to be putting one's name to all these statements and claims one had better be sure one is right. Many of the referenced "tobacco" documents used to back up the claims in the original entry did not have anything to do with the statements being made. I would suggest the Editor cross references each of the statements and claims being made with the utmost urgency..

Anne, after the first archives link there was "(112, 115, 116)" - I'm not sure whether these were meant to be there, wther they are page refs or were footnotes from something else. Anyway, if you can have a look and reinstate if necessary. cheers --Bob Burton 19:09, 12 November 2006 (EST)

Material from ARISE page

Below is the stub material that was posted to a separate page titled ARISE.--Bob Burton 04:50, 18 February 2008 (EST)


Associates for Research In the Science of Enjoyment

also known until the end of 1993 as

Associates for Research In Substance Enjoyment

and, occasionally in the tobacco archives as:

Associates for Research Into Social Enjoyment

ARISE was a tobacco industry funded front group promoting the therapeutic and emotional value of "pleasure". It operated between 1988 and 2004, and was promoted as an international society of academic researchers (mainly psychologists and nicotine researchers). ARISE members proclaimed that a little pleasure is essential to good health, and by extension, they grouped tobacco use with safer pleasureable activities such as drinking tea, shopping, and eating chocolate in public proclamations.

See Associates for Research in the Science of Enjoyment

Latest Changes

Dear Anne

Today I have corrected quite a few serious factual inaccuracies from the most recent version . I would be grateful if you did not put speculation and opinion into the ARISE SourceWatch piece as it makes the site less credible for it's users and is against the whole SourceWatch ethos.

I don't have time at this moment to itemise all the corrections I have made but will do so at some point this week when I get a chance. Hope that is ok with you Bob?

Best wishes,

Dallience.13 February 2009

Response to Dallience

I haver waited a couple of days for Dallience to set out the reasoning for the changes but they have not appeared. In the absence of an explanation I have reverted the changes. AS a general rule Dallience, if you have time to make detailed significant changes to an article, then please make the time to post the accompanying explanation on the talk page. Otherwise it puts the onus on other editors to check back and could result in unsubstantiated changes slipping through and, as you note, we don't want SW pages to be inaccurate. You can review the deleted changes here if you want to revisit the matter. --Bob Burton 18:28, 15 February 2009 (EST)