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Labor Record

On 14 April 2008 Boeing (Australia) won the right to compensation for losses caused by over 700 strikers in a stop work action - alleged by Boeing to cost them $1,000,000 per day. That court decision included: a compulsory period of non-organising and disallowing any further work ban actions (unless allowed by Boeing) or face jail. The dispute started on April 7 when Boeing sacked a worker and suspended another without going through the agreed dispute settlement procedure. Workers believed that another 8 workers face a similar fate. Efforts to the resolve the dispute failed on April 9 workers walked off the job. Boeing then started legal proceedings against the workers.

Boeing have a record of disagreements with their workforce and are almost always involved in minor disputes. In 1989 US Boeing machinists went on strike over a lack of pay rises for six years. "The workers - many of whom welcomed the strike as a respite from exhausting amounts of mandatory overtime - stayed out for 48 days" (CorpWatch).