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A question for the user with IP address - may I ask for the reasoning behind your deletion of Philip Morris, John Fairfax, and Richard Pratt from the section on CIS donors? Do you believe this information to be inaccurate? All three have been on the public record for some time and are referenced within the section.

It is considered good etiquette to write a quick explanation/description of your edits in the "summary" box when editing a sourcewatch entry - particularly if changing a significant fact.

Regards, Miriam.


  • describing CIS as "liberal" is confusing for those outside Australia and not exactly precise inside Australia either;
  • reverted the deletions of sponsors (as per above) which was unexplained. Given the lack of response to above, and deletion of the same information, it appears there is no good argument other than embarrassment;
  • reinstated Pratt listing; ditto;
  • left updated budget figures; shifted name of deleted borad member to former board members list, tweaked funding policy description. (Policy as I understand it is against accepting government funds).--Bob Burton 16:42, 5 Feb 2006 (EST)


Thanks for updating the staff list and correct the specific part of the Fairfax family which provded funding. (In an email Greg indicated that the SMH had it wrong). I reinstated the neoliberal link as that is how some would characterise CIS and there will be US readers confused by the use of the Aust variety of liberal. I suspect others may prefer the order reversed.

The previous version of the article had Richard Pratt listed as a funder. This may have been in error as the citation was to the SMH article which listed the Pratt Foundation as having funded CIS. Can you confirm that the reference to the Pratt Foundation was accurate? with thanks --Bob Burton 04:12, 17 May 2006 (EDT)

Libs connection

I have relocated this section off the article page. I spoke with Greg Lindsay this morning and he mentioned that the CIS have a rule that those with an official position in a political party not be on the board of the CIS. And it was as a result of this rule that Calvert-Jones resigned from the board. --Bob Burton 00:34, 6 Sep 2006 (EDT)

However, the CIS does have close links to the Liberal Party, with Liberal party fundraiser and and honourary party treasurer John Calvert-Jones a former CIS board member.