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A thought just occurred ... are U.S. funds paying for the photo ops that Bush-Cheney '04 Inc. are posting on their campaign/re-election web site? .... Isn't that called misappropriation?

The article begins "The term digital hegemony as a tool utilized by propagandists aptly describes, for lack of a better phrase,..."

That's for sure. The phrase was not used in the article. Furthermore, this particular phrase seems to be in several prior uses which are much more consistent with the common definitions and uses of "hegemony".

  • one countrie's digital superiority over others: "from the wreckage of the dot com collapse is arising a digital hegemony dominated by western cultural influences." [1]
  • digital technology hegemony over analog technology, in this case musical recording tools: "Largely avoiding the digital hegemony in today's studios, Kinski laid down their tracks in analog on two-inch tape..." [2]
  • digital music generation challenging analog musical instruments: "Static Museum is an ongoing struggle against utopian technocratic digital hegemony." [3]
  • corporate battles within the consumer electronics industry: "Sony's real battle is for digital hegemony in the home. As The New York Times recently observed, Sony (and the consumer electronics industry) and Microsoft Corp. (and the personal computer industry) are approaching room-to-room combat." [4]

That's plenty enough examples to inspire me to want to rename this article to something sensible like "photographic manipulations"

--Maynard 08:34, 26 Mar 2004 (EST)

Sounds good to me, M ... as I began the article, "for lack of a better phrase,..." AI

..... All "digital hegemony" links have been changed to photographic manipulation .. AI 4/16/04