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I'm relocating the following here to Talk as it perhaps is more appropriate to post it here both as a commentary on how Bray has been hiding his agenda in plain sight and as an illustration of how others may have done the same.

Googling, for example, "", bush, reveals that Bray, using his email addy "", has the habit of forwarding politically significant articles to blogspots with his own personal opinion/editorial inserted as a preface.

Although it is assumed that his political "activism" emerged during the 2004 campaign, this from 2002 shows that he was using the "" addy much earlier:

Forwarded Message:
From: Hiawatha Bray <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 11:21:54 -0400
To:, ip <>
Subject: RE: <[IP]> speech by Rep Stark. D Calif

Bray's assessment of Stark is scathing and a good example of his later treatment of John Kerry:

"The only thing that's stunningly clear from this speech is that Rep. Stark

is a fool. This crude, insulting, ill-argued pile of claptrap would be a lifelong embarassment to the man, if he had the sense to understand his own folly. ... Among Stark's more glaring idiocies:"

I suspect that he has been much the same thing between 2002 and 2003, but using another email addy.

For whatever reason, Bray has done a number of articles on outsourcing, particularly about the Phillipines.

AI 3/3/05 12:35 (EST)

Another example, this time using addy "":

  • Re: [IP more on FEC considers banning Moore's 9/11 movie ads under McCain-Feingold...], June 24, 2004.