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Edit note

I have had a complaint about sections of the article page and made a few changes - see below.--Bob Burton 23:22, 4 March 2009 (EST)

  • "However, it would be disingenuous on their part to claim that it receives no funds from governments if it accepts funds from NED, IRI, and similar gov't sponsored foundations."
Why would it be "disingenuous"? There is no supporting reference to indicate that ICNC have received funds "from NED, IRI, and similar gov't sponsored foundations." - if there is supporting evidence, the reference needs to be added.
  • "is best described by Jonathan Mowat:
"The International Center on Nonviolent Conflicts has been heavily involved in the new Postmodern Coups, especially through its top figures, Dr. Peter Ackerman and Jack DuVall.
According to its website, the center "develops and encourages the use of civilian-based, nonmilitary strategies to establish and defend democracy and human rights worldwide." It "provides assistance in the training and deployment of field advisors, to deepen the conceptual knowledge and practical skills of applying nonviolent strategies in conflicts throughout the world where progress toward democracy and human rights is possible."
The most significant nonviolent conflicts in the world today, which may lead to "regime changes," it reports, are occurring in Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Chinese Tibet, Belarus, Ukraine [now nearing completion], Palestine, Iran, and Cuba.[1]"
the link to the blockquote is dead -- so I can't check the original source and the rest of its argument. Part of the quote above is the groups own self-description so I have made that the lead of the article for the moment with a little other material. The other quote attributed to the group "provides assistance in the training ..." I can't find on the groups website on a quick scan.
The cited article states that the group "has been heavily involved in the new Postmodern Coups" but is is not clear what the basis for this statement is, especially since the lead statement of the page was that the group "is best described by Jonathan Mowat...". Obviously this statement is controversial but in the absence of being able to judge the basis for the claim, it is best off the article page pending review.--Bob Burton 23:46, 4 March 2009 (EST)
  • Jonathan Mowat, "The Coup Plotters: International Center on Nonviolent Conflicts", Online Journal, March 17, 2005. Contains an overview of ICNC and related organizations (they cross link, and share principals).
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