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  • This page is for quotes by notable people. That excludes quotes by bloggers, etc, however notable they might happen to be within the blogosphere.
  • Where possible, please source quotes directly from the speaker. For example, it's preferable to source quotes by Tony Blair or George W. Bush directly from the Downing St or White House websites, rather than via media reports.

How to add a quote to this page

You use Template:KananaItem for each quote. For example, here is the markup for a quote by Tony Blair:

{{KananaItem|id=blair2June03|codes=blair:uk:2003:wmd:pol:pred|text= '''June 2, 2003; [[Tony Blair]] on the hunt for Iraq's WMD:''' "And I simply say to you that the British intelligence services are amongst the best and finest in the world, and the idea that Saddam Hussein has for 12 years been obstructing the UN weapons and inspectors, has been engaged in this huge battle with the international community, when all the way along he had actually destroyed these weapons, is completely absurd... As I say, I think it would be useful if we waited until we actually got the full evidence before us. But I would point out to you, we already have, according to our experts, two mobile biological weapons facilities that were almost certainly part, according to our intelligence, of a whole set of those facilities. We have a situation where I don't think there is any doubt in anybody's mind that Saddam Hussein accumulated these weapons, indeed he used the weapons against his own people. And I have no doubt at all, as I said to you earlier, that the assessments that were made by the British intelligence services will turn out to be correct."[]}}

  • The id field should be a unique ID for the quote. It can be anything as long as it's unique on the page. Using the speaker's name and date as is done here is a good way of ensuring that.
  • The codes field is used by the filtering mechanism. The list of codes should be separated by colons, and correspond to the codes defined by the checkboxes at the top of the page.
  • The text field contains the actual quote.