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Wow, You just can't seem to say anything nice at all about Dr. Reisman. Maybe you haven't lived long enough to see the changes that the gradual increase in sex-obsession in the media has caused overtime; I have. Believe me, it hasn't always been like this, and it is definitely getting worse day by day. The proliferation of pornography has got to be stopped for all our sakes, and I say this as one who is still in recovery from addiction to porn. If the images portrayed on some of these internet sites were not of women and girls, but say, some ethnic minority, would we stand by and do nothing? I think not.

I discovered a rather good anti-Reisman article. Is it worth linking to? Certainly it's one of the better researched articles about her I've seen, but it's a long way from NPOV.

Also of note is:

What the heck, I'll throw them in under external links, wiser heads than mine will remove them if they're innappropriate.