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Im really glad someones started this page cos she's an enigma, that's for sure. Can we have a citation for the statement "I am not playing down the urgency of climate action, I am saying nothing about that one way or the other". Please . Ive tried googling it but no luck. Where is she quoted as saying that? It strikes me as a bizarre thing to say, she references the urgency of climate action but then claims to be saying nothing about it. Doesn't quite make sense to me, would like to see it in context.Hmmm looks like Tobis is revving up to have a pop at her, but Ive lost the plot of what she is trying to say, myself. TTFN Hengistmcstone 20:22, 1 November 2010 (UTC) Hengist

Hengist, that comment's from email; I was going to upload the email Q&A transcript behind her Sourcewatch page quotes/statements, as a PDF, but it seems as a non-admin I don't have permission to do this. So I haven't gotten around to it. Consider, though, that email is inherently less formal than even a blogcomment; I'm sure we've all said weird stuff. (and sorry, I didn't see your comment here until now) Anna Haynes 01:57, 4 November 2010 (UTC)

Actually, this is probably as good a spot as any, to print the transcript - which will clarify something I forgot to, in my comment above, namely that "urgency of climate change" was *my* wording, not (originally) hers.

Here it is:

Email exchange with Dr. Judith Curry, Oct 27-29 2010

Subj: Full extent of fossil fuel (or other delayer) ties?

Q: My understanding from [Scientific American article author] Michael Lemonick is that you told him this:

"... i do receive some funding from the fossil fuel industry. My

company...does hurricane forecasting (on timescales of 1-30 days) for an oil company, since 2007. ... there is no correlation of this

funding with my public statements. "

Could you please tell me - is this the *full* extent of your ties to firms or individuals with an interest in delaying action on climate change?

Thank you for your time - Anna Haynes (blogger and contributor to SourceWatch)

JA: Anna, yes this is the full extent of my ties to individuals or corporations that have any association with the fossil fuel industry. Judy

Q: Just a clarification p.s., this Q ("...your ties to firms or individuals with an interest in delaying action...") would include organizations working on behalf of such interests - e.g. PR firms and science-for-hire firms like New Hope Environmental Services, or their subcontractors...

JA: No ties with any such organizations. what little ties i have had with advocacy groups are on the enviro side, eg NRDC WWF, environmental defense.

Subj: Just 1 more Q - Relation to Ravenel Curry? (Eagle, Manhattan Institute) Thank you - Anna

Subj: Q re disclosure, was Relation to Ravenel Curry? (Eagle, Manhattan Institute)

Q: If someone was, by their writings and actions, playing down the urgency of climate action, and they had a relative affiliated with a libertarian organization, would there be an obligation to disclose the connection?

JA: No. And by the way, I am not playing down the urgency of climate action, I am saying nothing about that one way or the other; I am taking about a bad job by the IPCC of characterizing uncertainty. By the way, I have never heard of Ravenel Curry. ...

Hope that helps... Anna Haynes 02:15, 4 November 2010 (UTC)

Aerospace Engineering???

There is a J.A. Curry Aerospace Engineering, USA who contributed to the IPCC Chapter 7. Physical Climate Processes and Feedbacks TAR Is that the same J A Curry anyone ? Is she connected to a company called Aerospace Engineering?