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He never went to any educational institution in Morocco and Bosnia. In Pakistan he spent three years at the missionary training college (Jami'a Ahmadiyya) of the Ahmadiyya at Rabwah. His dissertation mentioned above about Ahmad Amin was rejected by the University of Berlin. He never obtained the degree of Docotor of Philosophy from any university. This is not the only forgery on his part regarding his biography. "Khalid Durán" is not his original name, which happens to be "Detlev Häussler". In fact he used half a dozen different names during the course of his life which is full of deception and concoction. He invented his own geneology. He was born in Berlin of German parentage which he now denies. He invented a Morrocan father, who he said was adopted by a German family, which is absolutely false. Than he made his German mother to be of Spanish extraction. (See for more information about him in the autobiography "Dhalte Saaye" of his long-time friend and collegue, Muniruddin Ahmed , who has known him since his early youth.