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soft touch Ijaz edit relocated here

edit of Feb. 22, 2006 relocated here. Some good data from it needs to be integrated, but overall it's just a polish piece for Ijaz, and I'd claim, biased as hell.

Of note though is the poster 's IP location: - Monte Carlo, Monaco

Also, Ijaz at one time, used to claim to be a nuclear physicist as a CNN Commentator, eventhough he hadn't the education for it. If anyone runs across a URL of an old CNN story with this reflected, please put it in th eareticle or let me know.

--Hugh Manatee 08:21, 23 Feb 2006 (EST)

Message to Mr Hugh Manatee

Mr Manatee does not represent Mr Ijaz, to the best of our knowledge, and we wonder what agenda he has in keeping up irreverant and inaccurate facts about Mr Ijaz's public persona. It should be noted for the record that Mr Ijaz is chief executive of two public corporations and is thereby required to standardize any biographical sketches that might appear in the Internet, authorized or otherwise. Any attempts to interfere with this effort will result in legal notice to SourceWatch. The comments Mr Manatee or others wish to make about Mr Ijaz, derogatory or otherwise, can be easily made in this discussion forum.

"chief executive of public corporations is thereby required to standardize any biographical sketches that might appear in the Internet, authorized or otherwise"
What's your citation for this assertion?
--Maynard 13:02, 23 Feb 2006 (EST)
The fact that Hugh Manatee "does not represent Mr. Ijaz" has no bearing on the question of whether he has the right to comment on Mr. Ijaz's public persona. As for "wondering what agenda" Hugh Manatee might have, it is rather hypocritical for this question to be raised by an individual who has an obvious agenda of trying to flatter and serve the interests of Mr. Ijaz. It is moreover patently absurd to suggest that being an executive of public corporations obligates Mr. Ijaz to "standardize any biographical sketches that might appear on the Internet" or even gives him the right to do so. If there are inaccuracies in the SourceWatch article, Mr. Ijaz or the individual who is representing himself here as his agent should point out specifically what those inaccuracies are so that they can be corrected. Blanket deletions of material which is moreover referenced and based on reports published elsewhere constitutes vandalism of this website, and further acts of this nature may require us to ban the individual who has been doing this from making further edits. --Sheldon Rampton 14:00, 23 Feb 2006 (EST), if you understood how wiki versioning worked, and actually checked the Ijaz article's, you'd see that i am not responsible for anything in it excepting the revert of your data. I also placed your data on the talk page with a note that stated there was good data in it that needed to be checked and worked into it. My agenda in this instance was only to keep self-serving bias from entering the website.
Personally, I have not trusted Ijaz since just after 911, and I researched his specious Sudan/bin Laden/Clinton allegations, which was the same time I discovered that his claim of being a nuclear physicist as a CNN analyst was dishonest resume bloat. A physics BS does not a Nuclear Physicist make. At the time Ijaz claimed that Clinton refused a Sudanese offer of bin Laden, he had not been indicted. Surely Mr. Ijaz, as an American citizen, is aware of the fourth, fifth and sixth amendments? It is too bad that the politiquechic crowd he chooses to hang out with so arrogantly disregards them.
Speaking of the company he keeps...AEI, Newswmax, National Review? Want to discuss agendas?
--Hugh Manatee 08:15, 24 Feb 2006 (EST)


The protocol at Sourcewatch is that if people are editing their own page or on behalf of those who the article is about we request that they clearly identify themselves and their affiliation. As it stands there is no way of verifying whether you, as an anonymous contributor, have any basis to claim you represent Ijaz. In the absence of that you complaints and changes can't be taken seriously.

Think about what would happen if we were let any anonymous user to determine the content of a page simply because they claimed - without any substantiation - to represent someone else. You might make one set of changes and then soon enough someone else will claim to be representing Ijaz and totally change the content again, except this time contrary to what you want.

Which is why we work by having key points referenced so that other contributors and readers can judge the fairness and accuracy of the points. If there are specific points you believe are inaccurate or not supported by the references then please detail them on this page. We aim to ensure all specific complaints are dealt with fairly and promptly.

Your claim that as a company director Ijaz "is thereby required to standardize any biographical sketches that might appear in the Internet, authorized or otherwise" is the best laugh I've had all day - not even a lawyer would try that one on. --Bob Burton 19:13, 23 Feb 2006 (EST)

Ijaz Temp Data Dump

some stuff

Here's an odd find.

Online News Hour, "Indian Airlines Hijacking", PBS, December 28, 1999

"Mansoor Ijaz, born in Pakistan and trained as a nuclear physicist, is now an investment banker -- he's also a frequent op/ed columnist for international publications and is now an American citizen"

All other bio references to Ijaz I've seen state he was born in Forida, 1961, but he was sitting at the table when this blurb was spoken

Also, Ijaz used to claim he was a Nuclear Physicist, eventhough his educational history doesn't reflect it.

  • Born, Tallahasee, Florida, 1961
  • 1983 - University of Virginia, BS, Physics, Magna Cum Laude
  • 1985 - MIT, SM? degree in mechanical engineering
    • at MIT he did neuro-mechanical engineer research in the MIT/Harvard Medical School Medical Engineering Medical Physics Program
  • 1990 - started Crescent Investment Management LLC., CEO
  • Other Crescent Board members
    • Lt Gen James Alan Abrahamson (USAF Ret), former director of President Reagan's SDI
    • Joachim Hauser, German architect
  • board members of the public traded tech fund, Crescent Technology Ventures Plc (CTV)
    • R James Woolsey, Former CIA Director, chairman of CTV’s Board of Advisers
    • Lt Gen Thomas McInerney (Ret-USAF),chairman of CTV’s Board of Directors

Odd that his "groomed" resumes no longer mention Woolsey as an original member of Crescent.

Here's a bit of current hypocrisy. Today, his new op/ed in support of Dubai's running of US ports hit the datastreams.

Brutally titled, "Why Dubai is good for U.S. business". Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 24, 2005, and set loose on syndication

It is of note that Ijaz states a bit of a disclaimer/self-interest disclosure at the end of the piece:

"Mansoor Ijaz is chairman of Crescent Investment Management, a private equity firm developing homeland security technologies. Crescent Hydropolis Resorts, the firm's publicly traded property development company, is developing the world's first permanent underwater living facilities, including a planned location in Dubai."

That isn't a complete disclosure though:

"Crescent Technology Ventures Plc (CTV), is funding and developing the next generation of technologies focused on protecting vital infrastructure and providing for security against a spectrum of terrorist threats. The fund is preparing investments in five primary areas of concern: Internet and cyber-security, air and seaport cargo container security, stratospheric telecommunications platforms and alternative energy development." - SAJA profile - cited above

Why, Dubai is certainly good for Ijaz's US based business...