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The following was posted by User:ESI, who also made minor narrative adjustments to the ESI section in private military corporations. These entries appear to be advertisements for ESI itself rather than SW articles. Recommend that the source for the following be identified before being reposted to maritime security. Artificial Intelligence 04:37, 25 November 2006 (EST)

The Maritime Security industry has rapidly evolved into a niche market for several private companies offering services, training and consultancy in the post 9/11 enviroment. One major milestone was the creation of the International Shipping and Port Facility (ISPS)Code. Mandated by International Maritime Organazation (IMO). It is a comprehensive set of measures to enhance the security of ships and port facilities worldwide. In addition to the mandatory complaince of this code, reocurring training and full profile drills are required.

In addition to the soft or consultancy aspects of maritime security, a growing demand for operational waterborne physical security services are creating niche markets for some private security companies, such as the case of Executive Solutions International (ESI), who develop and implement stratigic long term solutions for marine risk management. Waters worldwide have become increasingly dangerous to practice commerce and voyage. These threats effect large energy companies, governments of developing nations, commercial shipping and the private yachting communitiy and it's influential VIPs.