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Excerpt from a Minneapolis op-ed mentioning Flynn (we're not supposed to republish entire copies of copyrighted articles):

Posted on Wed, Nov. 02, 2005
Documentary to tell smoking ban tale
No one shouted, "Quiet on the set!" The ambient noise in the Marysburg Books Coffee Emporium & Wine Bar was as much a part of the shot as this columnist, shifting about in a Masterpiece Theater-like easy chair while the crew tweaked lighting and camera angles.
"I am among scores on either side of the smoking ban issue being interviewed for the independent documentary "Devil's Weed." The film (fall 2006 release) will chronicle the smoking ban fallout in the Twin Cities and examine the ban trend across the country — "America's New Prohibition."...
"Devil's Weed" director Maura Flynn's resume is solid civil libertarian — Reason magazine, the Individual Rights Foundation and the Radio America Network. She co-produced, with Johnson, Michael Wilson's critically praised "Michael Moore Hates America."

The entire post was unreferenced and am relocating sections I couldnlt easily find refs for. More to come--Bob Burton 19:11, 4 Sep 2005 (EDT)

She received a Felix Morley Journalism Award, sponsored by the libertarian think tank the Institute for Humane Studies, for editorial writing on the subject of liberty.

searched the IHS site and can see no mention of Flynn on the awards pages. Suurce and year needed.

The film examines scientific, political, and constitutional issues surrounding the trend toward government-imposed smoking bans on private property.

no source for stating this is what it is about and if it is it needs to be attributed.

began her career as a civil rights advocate at Reason magazine, where she served as editorial assistant.

Maybe she did but her name doesn't appear on their website at all.

She went on to direct public relations for The Individual Rights Foundation, a non-profit law firm dedicated to protecting the First Amendment on college campuses. She became managing editor for the IRF’s magazine, The Defender.

Again no evidence that she directed their PR or edited The Defender. Maybe she did but the IRF, a Horowitz project, has a one page website and no back copies of their magazine or any releases.

Flynn headed public relations and publications for the Radio America Network in Washington DC, where she also produced the nationally syndicated radio program, Profiles.

Again no online refs to this that I could easily find.

I am assuming that - who reposted material without adding any references that I had deleted and queried above - is Flynn herself. If so I'm happy to leave the material that was added in as long as we know who can vouch for the material. Otherwise, in the absence of references, who's to know that is it not being made up? If no explanation is forthcoming soon I'll return and delete it once more--Bob Burton 17:09, 8 Nov 2005 (EST)

Bob, maiden name was "whalen", also went by "whalen flynn" (still archives might not be deep enough). Information can be verified by calling Reason magazine, The Institute for Humane Studies, The Individual Rights Foundation, etc. Here's one link: