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Interesting to note the the paragraph about Max Cleland, who will introduce Kerry at the DNC tonite says quite factually that he was "injured in a grenade attack" in Vietman and that his opponent in the US Senate race in Georgia in 2002 had "questioned his patriotism and war record". I've lived in Georgia my entire life and am very familiar with Mr. Cleland. He was injured in Vietman after he dropped a live grenade in a rear staff area. This not a "grenade attack", but was tragic none the less. We Georgians liked Cleland and gave him the utterly simple job of Secretary of State for for 30 years. He was not a good Senator and was WAY LEFT of the state's votors. Senator Chambliss NEVER questioned his patriotism - he just pointed out this man's negative voting record. In a final bid for the sympathy vote which we had always given him in the unimportant job of Secretary of State - it was he who made the "unpatriotic" claim. Alass it failed and he was swamped in the election. He is mad at Bush since Bush helped to campaign for Chambliss

Max Cleland was not involved in the fighting at KheSanh. To say he was is a lie. He was collecting gear about 12 miles away when he was injured. Max Cleland's heroism took place during his recovery. He is a patriot and a wounded veteran--but he is not a hero. The word hero is used much too frequently.