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Hi Mediahitman,

I reverted the changes, some of which were unjustified and unexplained deletions and a couple of other points that could go in with some clarification and verification links.

As the fake news scandal continued to drag on, the company broke ranks with the industry to forward an alternative to the VNR, called the Public Service Interstitial or "PSI".
The PSI is a new hybrid media platform developed by veteran CBS Network News Correspondent, Dr Howard Torman.

Maybe it did, but there is no reference link or detail of what this proposal entails to enable any independent scrutiny. If indeed, MEDIAHITMAN "broke ranks with the industry" then there is no harm posting the detail of the proposal to the company's own website or even here. In the absence of detail though, it is hard to give it much status.

Address details: the revert has also changed the contact details back to those on the company's website at Is the co website out of date? If so, I'm happy to reinstate the new contacts.
distrubutor of branded, independent news services from the Hollywood Reporter, MedBreak with Dr Howard Torman and Next Step 2.0, among others.

Again, maybe this is so, but we need references to be able to judge whether we have a common definition of "independent" and explain exactly what those programs do that are different from VNR's etc.

I will also post a few notes on SourceWath protocols on contributing on to the MEDIAHITMAN user page shortly.

I look forward to your response. --Bob Burton 17:20, 12 December 2006 (EST)