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Regarding who was an "appointee" -- I think an authoritative source is the "plum book".

"Ledeen was a Ronald Reagan appointee" -- Is this technically true? Did he actually serve in an appointment or was he merely a contractor to the NSC? I think the latter is true. I am not sure whether he has served in an appointed position. One question to ask is why? I think that being a contractor has afforded Ledeen flexibility in a number of ways -- In terms of personal financial sources as well as being able to skirt the bureaucracy of actually being on the payroll (making disclosures, etc.)-- 13:58, 20 Nov 2005 (EST)

Note that Michael Ledeen, although he has consistently insisted that Iran should be the target of choice, has not taken the backseat to the proponents for Iraq. He has been among them, as well. Now, Ledeen is the "man of the hour" with his rhetoric. So, next question ... who has the beater for the Syrian drum? AI 5/11/03 14:52 (EST)

I've added a bit of history. The amazing thing is that Ledeen has had a role in decades of mischief. I think the other historical item that is missing here Ledeen's role in spreading mis-information regarding the Soviet's "international terrorism" network. -- 00:59, 3 Aug 2005 (EDT)

For what it's worth:

"Michael LEDEEN -- Reagan's appointed state department official was the unofficial source for the 'Bulgarian Connection' lies about the KGB role in the shooting of the Pope. He was the major source on 'Soviet terrorism' misinformation to Claire Sterling, who deftly covers up fascist terrorism and state terrorism alike.[108] Ledeen has close ties to Alexander Haig, the Georgetown University grouping, Henry Kissinger, Licio Gelli Opus Dei, and the P-2 Masonic Lodge scandal.[109] He is also close to Francesco Pazienza, suspected to have set 'God's Banker' Roberto Calvi for murder. At the time of his death, Calvi was director of Banco Ambrosiano, and his family members openly claim he-was killed by Opus Dei.[111]" [1]
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