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This site is highly suspicious as are the reports they offer. They continually claim to have "breaking" news which consists of stories carried everywhere else on the net (often without the writers permission or knowledge) or items that cannot be proven due to "confidential sources" (or is it imagination? There have additionally been several accusations of plageurism. [1]

NEIN owner Doug Hagmann has told reporters he believes in UFOs and Bigfoot. Consider that when you read anything else he claims. And several of his "staff" use fake names.

Edit Notes

  • I deleted some of the hyperbole posted by Randy Taylor disparaging the authors of other links.
  • I agree that the Welch link and another weren't that useful;
  • However, I think the Schlussel link is different.
  • I have also deleted a link Taylor added accusing Schlussel of posting an article on the same day as another post on the same topic. a) the same day is hardly conclusive evidence of palgiarism and b) even if hers was derived from someone elses work (and this is not clear) it wouldn't belong on the page about NEIN. --Bob Burton 03:44, 8 January 2007 (EST)