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Parker Drilling Company, Inc. connects Robert M. Gates (CIA + George Herbert Walker Bush), Simon G. Kukes (YukosSibneft Oil Company), with the Russian/Caspian Sea oil industry and investor interests. Does it ever end?

... And, if you dig deep enough, you can connect ALL the dots:

Lawrence F. Kaplan, From Russia With Loans, The New Republic, August 7, 2000. Article links Kukes with the Halliburton Company and Dick Cheney.

... If there was any doubt at all about the links with Halliburton [added 13:03 (EST)]:

.... And then you dig some more .... and you come up with Steven Theede connected to Kukes through their mutual association with ConocoPhillips. Now we have Americans Kukes as Chairman of the Board and Theede as CEO, COO, and senior vice president of Yukos ... What a deal! What's next?

11/4/03 07:50 (EDT) AI