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Dear Citizens,

I am surprised to see such "alarm" at a college that teaches that it is good to be morally straight, to love God, family, justice, mercy and to practice the good admonitions of the Bible. But then the Boy Scouts are under fire for the morally straight issue.

Where was the alarm that both Senator Kerry and President Bush were Yale men and belonged to the same secret society (Skull and Bones?). To me this would seem more alarming.

Everyone knows that homeschools on average outperform public school students and that is due to a number of factors, not the least of which is values.

Therefore to have a college which is mostly made up of students who are already outperforming their peers should place them in a better competitive situation when it comes to internships. After all, are we going to dumb down the government to be politically correct? Don't answer that..we already have.

I hope that your hypocrisy is not entirely blind to you, but every liberal I know is blind to their own intolerance so I am probably wasting my time.

Randy Bombardier Ridgefield, WA

If homeschoolers outperform public school students, it is because public schools do not have an option as to who they take (homeschoolers, by virtue of being homeschooled, are a seperate sample group...comparisons really can't be drawn unless we had an equal racial/class/sex breakdown between public schools and homeschools...this sample doesn't exist).

The mention of the particular religious leanings of the school, are just that. No one is particuarly arguing whether said opinions are "right" or "wrong". It's information.

Your baseless accusations at the end, however, highlight exactly what kind of 'tolerance' you have.

Sean S1berio (number added to confuse search engine bots) Columbia, SC