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This one knots my stomach up. The pepto bismal empties are filling up the trash bins at the Crawford ranch...

Round Two is heading to Camp Casey-are they gonna slander the Specialist?

Mr. Bush, Specialist Young Would Also Like to Speak With You..., BradBlog, 8/29/2005

Godspeed, Tomas Young

Great post, [oops!] Hugh ... loading up on barf bags as we speak. The Bush hypocrisy just makes ya' wanna retch! Can it get any worse? Don't answer.

Really read through Safia Taleb al-Suhail if your digestive system can handle it. Not sure who's the bigger dummy, Bush or the media or the public. Even the bloggers didn't get the whole picture but I think that has a lot to do with variations on her name ... but not a real excuse. Hard to find it if Google and Yahoo! can't.

i am pretty google can, but they don't want to make it easy. this i deduce from weirdness i have noticed in their spidering patterns across different logs.

and a brief sighting or two of experiment spiderbots lately acting strange.

there are many searches which would be greatly enhanced if a bit of fuzziness on the search strings could be enabled .

Do you know how to use boolean logic in searches?

  • AND
  • OR

and the search engines

can offer different angles to see the data in their presentations, but usually not much new over a google and yahoo combined

--Hugh Manatee 19:10, 30 Aug 2005 (EDT)--Hugh Manatee 19:10, 30 Aug 2005 (EDT)