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More references to the underlying theory and practice of this:

Thanks for links .. just "gathering" right now and not sure where this is going .. will put down the soil, others are welcome to till. AI 4/16/03 14:45 (EST)

Interlinking articles on military-industrial complex, prison-industrial_ complex, military-entertainment complex (violent video games, violent movies, violent television, reality television of some kinds), and perhaps prison-entertainment complex coming soon (TV made about prisoners as a sort of reality TV) would be good.
Also it may well be that to deal with issues like this, there must be some semantic markup to point out "this is ideology and science says it doesn't work", like a rational alternative, e.g. transformative justice or equity-restorative justice.

Relocated material

Unref'd material that is rather vague. --Bob Burton 22:22, 4 August 2007 (EDT) Closely associated with this, as with the military-industrial complex or Homeland Security, is pro-technology propaganda from vendors of technologies for use in prisons, as well as for monitoring, surveillance, and tracking the identity and movement of persons - and ominously anticipating their intent.