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Protest Warrior

Kfir Alfia

Alan Lipton (a.k.a. Alan Davidson)

Protest Warrior LLC

From: William Pate <WPate AT> To: 'Iain Murray' <######################> Subject: RE: Request for information: Protest Warrior LLC Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 08:44:37 -0500

Dear Sir, We show: Filing Number: 800221993 Entity Type: Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) Original Date of Filing: July 7, 2003 Entity Status: In existence Formation Date: N/A Tax ID: 13836848054 FEIN: Duration: Perpetual

Name: ProtestWarrior LLC Address: 4600 SETON CENTER PKWY APT 818 Austin, TX 787595258 USA

REGISTERED AGENT Name Address Kfir Alfia 4600 Seton Center Pkwy, #818 Austin, TX 78759 USA

Management is: July 7, 2003 Kfir Alfia Member 4600 Seton Center Pkwy, #818 Austin, TX 78759 USA July 7, 2003 Alan R. Lipton Member 4600 Seton Center Pkwy, #818 Austin, TX 78759 USA The entity has a general purpose clause and no supplemental information is provided.

Copies of documents on file with the section or certificates issued by the Secretary of State regarding filings, including certificates of status (certificates of existence) may be ordered:

Via SOSDirect (our new web based system) By telephone at (512) 463-5578, By fax at (512) 463-5643 By e-mail to In writing to the Secretary of State at the following address: Records Corporations Section P. O. Box 13697 Austin, Texas 78711

Sincerely, William Pate Corporations

Affiliated Groups

  • "Today, March 20th, [2004] the forces of, protestwarrior, hootinan, and other valiant counter-idiotarians, have successfully infiltrated a ridiculous herd of clueless liberal leftist lunatics, stampeding down Madison Avenue in a disorganized fashion, the only thing keeping their bovinical selves within bounds being the fencing installed along the entire route by the brave herding officers of the New York Police Department."— (cache file).