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The rationale for the division of

"standard subheadings into

  • other related SourceWatch resources
  • publicly-correctible external links
  • published external links"

is as follows: First, let's ditch the Extraneous Capitalization. Second, there are three different reasons, and three different potentials, of clicking on each of the three. If you go elsewhere inside SourceWatch, you are dealing with the same POV and the same editors "correcting you" as if you corrected the page you are reading. If you go to other "publicly-correctible" links that signals a somewhat more open and less rigorous forum (like Wikipedia) where there might be various forms of outing, ad hominem argument, etc., applied, as the people agree to no common ethic other than a sort of "free press" with limits arbitrarily applied by themselves - whenever they decide that someone, e.g. a "troll" is a "cyber threat". So people must be notified that they are both correcting, and being corrected by, "the public" (including spies and trolls) on such a forum. Third, both of these are different from a published document by some authority acountable for what it says from a published list of authors, which presumably one reads to cite from debating ith those who trust thse authorities.

Simplest way to say it: there's stuff you trust, stuff you can fix but can expect a fight over, and stuff you can only cite back at those who trust it.