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New to Wiki and very enthusiastic about contributing to SourceWatch once I work through FAQs and register. One quick question: can I add sections at will to think tanks, or is there a standard categorization scheme? I propose following:

-- Funding --

"RAND derived 75 percent of its revenues in 2001 and 2000 from contracts, grants, and fees with agencies of the federal government."

RAND 2001 Annual Report, Financial Report section, [[1]], p. 5.


Funding for a given think tank can be provided in the page for the given think tank itself. This is the current model being used. So for your example, it is okey to put RAND funding information on RAND's page. For an organizational example, see Competitive Enterprise Institute. -- Termigator 15:22 28 Mar 2003 (EST)

The RAND page as of March 2004 seems to end its dicussion at 1994. Given the end of the Cold War, what has changed a RAND? Also there needs some discussion of its social policy (not foreign policy) research.

If you'd like to add some discussion along those lines, great! --Sheldon Rampton 12:55, 5 Mar 2004 (EST)

Some interesting comments about RAND at