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The list of organizations which strive to force their viewpoint onto the American citizen is incomplete. The one group which is most successful at this is the Jews who dominate so many social fields financially and ideologically. For instance, in the field of education they are very successful at altering the content of what is taught in public schools to the point that the U.S. has slid down in educational quality from its former preeminence to a position among the third world schools. Is there some reason why this group is omitted?

Maybe the group is too strong. In the few pages I have viewed here there has been very strong bias in favour of certain dis-information groups. The pro-isreali group is one, the group of scientists doing environmental research is another (no one will fund it if you say everything will be OK). This is sad coming from a site that is supposed to expose such bias.

ADD: southern baptist convention (top of the list)