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Attn: Richard Klass,

I saw a rerun of the news conference you attended before the Vets for the Truth rally. You mentioned you were Cat 1 and could not get a timely appointment with the VA Health system for your eyes.

I am 100% disabled and am a Cat 4 and I can get in fairly quickly. They even sent me a letter saying it was time to see an Optomologist and I could go to a walk in clinic at the SLC VA Hospital.

You are in Idaho I think. Do you use the VA Hospital in SLC? Should Cat 1 have a higher priority than Cat 4?

I attended the rally in DC on 12 Sep. I wish Joe Lieberman had been the Democratic Party nominee. I consider myself a Democrat but have never registered as one. I even voted for Carter for his second term. I am against Kerry because of his actions with the VVAW group and his apparent inaction during his years in Congress.

Regards, Gary McClendon West Jordan UT