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Note that a Google search on the Saudi Institute and the Saudi Information Agency will both bring you to a number of web sites where Ali Al-Ahmed is quoted, either as spokesman for the Institute or as spokesman for the Agency, as providing "intel" which is in turn reported either directly by neocons like Daniel Pipes or David Frum or is cited as the "source" or "authority" in other reports.

Also, Ali Al-Ahmed has testified in Congress and participated in other neocon events .... So, this, of course, begs the question .. how exactly did he become "the reliable expert" on Saudi Arabia? Just read some of the news items and it boggles the mind.

No wonder we find him "discoursing" with the likes of Laurent Murawiec . . .

I particularly like these reports .. will the "real" whateveryouare please stand up? Can you say "spook"?

And am I the only one who has a name like Ahmed Chalabi come to mind?

  • Washington Institute: "According to the Saudi Information Agency (a Saudi opposition group), . . ." .. of ONE.
  • Weekly Standard: "The identification of the Saudi terrorist was confirmed by the Saudi Information Agency, an independent journalistic enterprise, ..."
  • AP: "On Wednesday, a Saudi dissident organization based in Washington said it obtained a secret document showing that Araar airport was closed to the public. ... The Saudi Information Agency, which is affiliated with the dissident Saudi Institute, . . ." ... "affiliated"?
  • Welch Report: "According to the Saudi Information Agency, an independent news service critical of the Riyadh regime ..."