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bob -- I cannot find the source of this quote in the references cited. Can you help me, please? -- AI

It was "some catastrophic and catalysing event - like a new Pearl Harbor" [1][2]

new american century

page 51 of "Rebuilding America's Defenses", available from under 'publications'. Also interesting is to note where the source actually originated -- take a look at the 'members' section on the "Statement of Principles" under 'letters'.

By the way, I don't think the "Saddam Hussein" theory is the most prominent "conspiracy theory". I think the most prominent, or "most official" would be that Al-Qaeda conspired to carry out the attacks. Based on my research, the second "most official" would be that there was at least some degree of complicity within the CIA and/or FBI. A documented link exists between Senator Bob Graham, then-Senator Porter Goss and Mahmoud Ahmed of Pakistan's ISI (Who was in Washington in the days surrounding 9-11). This is documented by many American news sources. The other part of the "money trail" is an investigated transfer of $100,000 just a few weeks before September 11th, as reported by the Times of India (sorry, I don't have the link handy). Based on statements made by the FBI, the Times of India reported the source of the money transfers to be Mahmoud Ahmed, then-director of Pakistan's ISI.

It's remarkable that the September 11th commission failed to mention this well-documented link.

Environmental Fallout

Three more rescue workers die of 9/11 air pollution poisoning

Environmental effects?

I think that you are over-emphasizing the environmental pollution aspect of 9/11. For instance, two wars followed, and you do not seem to mention them.


"Rumsfeld’s fascination with the 4GW theorists and his extreme technological optimism accompanied him into the Pentagon as George W. Bush’s SecDef, where he immediately began the grandiosely named Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA). The doctrinal transformation was in a clumsy phase when 19 asymmetrical fighters hijacked four commercial aircraft and turned them into poor man’s cruise missiles to strike three strategic and highly symbolic targets." -- Stan Goff, "Reflecting on Rumsfeld"