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Am wondering whether the Australia-Malaysia Institute announced by Downer today - which is akin to the Australia-Indonesia Institute are wroth listing as governmment sponsored 'think tanks' - they seem to be oriented to high level exchanges programs and development of links rather than promoting public debate. Anyone else have a view? --Bob Burton 03:07, 28 Mar 2006 (EST)

probably not the right term

I tend to agree that think-tank probably isn't the right term for the AII etc. Perhaps we should just put them under institutes? We need a category that political institutes & centres at universities can fit under also...

Removing non-think tank organisation

I've removed a number of organisations from the list on the page, as I don't think they can be categorised as think tanks (eg: Adam smith club, samual griffith society, crossroads - these are clearly not think tanks). I have also removed the Asia Institute, as this is really a university research centre, and given that there are over a thousand of these around Australia, I dont think they need to be listed here (nor do they fit with the purpose of the page.) -- Mc 12:48, 16 Jun 2006 (EDT)