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Satirical Humor

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge admitted today that he is ³completely color-blind,² but assured the American people that his condition in no way impairs his ability to fulfill his duties as steward of the nation¹s security.

³Color-blind or not, here at the Department of Homeland Security, it is business as usual,² Mr. Ridge said. ³The threat level remains at gray.²

For Secretary Ridge, the admission that he is color-blind brought with it a tremendous sense of relief, he said.

³In the past, every time I picked up a pointer to indicate the latest threat level on that darned chart, I was always scared to death I would mess up somehow,² Mr. Ridge said. ³I can¹t tell you how good it feels to let each and every one of you know that I can¹t tell one threat level from another.²

-- Borowitz [1]

Thanks, Maynard .. still chuckling .. AI

Ridge is not so funny on the race issue when it comes to the death penalty. Read this:

Can one trust a guy like this, to administer "homeland security" fairly? Of course not. That's why they chose him.

so, .... who indicts the Attorney General ?