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The "photos" by "independent media" photographers are what are propaganda. These could have been taken at any time - even during the old regime. Even indy media photographers can afford cameras these days that can take clearer pictures than THAT.

The old regime had U.S. Tanks?
The old regime would pull down the statue?

SourceWatch is the right name for this site. This piece of Crock has been bedunked 3 ways til Sunday. This picture is from hours after the statue has been torn down. Many other pictures were taken while the statue was being torn down which show a rather large crowd. Any website which wants credibility should avoid this kind of juvenile Left-wing hysteria.

note that the above opinion is presented without the benefit of any evidence.
Note also that it was presented by someone who chose to post anonymously (and who seems to have a problem spelling things correctly). Moreover, this article contains references to numerous sources such as the Boston Globe, whose photographs also show a relatively sparse crowd surrounding the statue. If this story has been "bedunked," er "debunked," I'd like to see when and where.

This image shows a VERY sparse crowd surrounding the statue. There aren't even enough people to fill the square. Most photos of this event are cropped so that you don't see all that empty space.

Consider yourself "bedunked," hick.