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Shouldn't the name of this item be "United Defense"? I see no reference anywhere to "Industries" in the company name.

Sounds like they have a UDI division [1] Zardoz 17:36 26 Jun 2003 (EDT)

Just check out Hoovers On-line or Yahoo! Financial info ... they should know, don't ya think? .... and UDI is their stock market "addy". The actual name is United Defense Industries, Inc., for that matter .... and all companies have the right to use a "nick" ..... it's a common practice.

Would the corporate by-laws clarify things for you?

If all else fails, type in a web search and see what happens .... AI 6/26/03 18:53 (EST)

Sorry for the sarcasm, Maynard ... but you should know that poor old AI don't goof up too often .....

Thanks, AI, for the answer, two great references, and the warm friendly sarcasm ;-}
I do seriously and affectionately appreciate them all. Maynard 22:41 26 Jun 2003 (EDT)