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Ya' gotta love it! It's been, oh, let's see, how many days since Valerie Plame was "outted" and NOW the White House wants those with information to come forward. See news story.

AI 10/2/03 10:35 (EDT)

Observations on researching this topic:

1. This story "broke" almost immediately after Novak "outted" Plame. Plame's husband, Wilson, responded almost immediately. So ...

2. Why did the story continue to attract attention both in the media and with bloggers for several weeks and then almost nearly "dry up" around September 1st, only to resurface last weekend?

3. A point made by Buzzflash on July 21st raises a number of issues (comment follows quote):

"Yes, it is once again a probable Bush administration betrayal that is so horrifyingly ironic, hypocritical, cynical, and destructive that it is hard to comprehend. Two Bush administration officials allegedly render a CIA operative useless, whose specialty is providing valuable information on exactly the threat that the Bush administration continues to insist justified the invasion of Iraq: Weapons of Mass Destruction."
  • My preliminary conclusion is that this is all about the WMD ... so, what else does Plame/Wilson know or not know that is key to the issue of locating the WMD?

Note to Maynard: In spite of your wonderfully delightful new theory that the (NOW Iraqi) hijackers had the WMD with them on the plane (drone?)* which targeted the Pentagon, some new theories now attach to Plame/Wilson. Care to proffer any?

Note on my (drone?)* ... a drone wouldn't require a hijacker to actually be on-board ... only to have previously somehow managed to get the WMD on board. Right? So, then he couldn't be called a hijacker if he didn't actually hijack anything .. so, what does that make him/her?

A "Bush" observation: Poppy Bush was famous for "read my lips", right? So, according to Peggy Noonan and Laura Bush, Baby Bush should be famous for "nothing passes my lips" or "tight lips," right?

Also, another somewhat related observation .... Let's say that Karl Rove was one of the two alleged loose-lipped White House administrators close to "Tight Lips" Bush ... doesn't he already have his golden parachute ready with New Bridge Strategies? It's all about timing.

However, if both Noonan and Laura Bush do know of whom they speak, the "leak" wasn't much of a "leak" at all .. more like an intentional flood. So,... why?

This logic scares me ... AI 10/2/03 11:32 (EDT)

On another note, just ran across this story What the hell happened to Valerie Plame? from Although I'm not sure of all the "facts" cited, the piece does bring up some more very interesting issues:

1. Where IS Plame/Wilson and what happens to her now? 2. What DOES happen to all her CIA assets now that her "cover" is blown? 3. What happens now to the information network that has been deliberately destroyed? 4. What happens now to her friends, family, and all other associations and contacts now that she's been outted?

Once again, the question arises .. "Why did this happen? What's the underlying purpose? Who has what (the "what" usually meaning $$$ or what it can buy) to gain?

AI 10/3/03 12:07 (EDT)

New question: Why did it take TWO administration officials to inform Novak about Plame's status? Would not have ONE reliable source been sufficient? Why TWO ... and why did "they" contact six media sources and not just one or two or even three? Why SIX?

"Leaks" are normally made quietly, in secret, so as for the "leaker" and "leakee" NOT to be found out .. the whole purpose of a "leak" is that it is privileged, secret information. Why "leak" at all? Why not just strike up the band, call in the press, and have a good old-fashioned media feeding frenzy?

Sorry .. the more I research, the less this adds up ....

AI 10/3/03 12:13 (EDT)