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On Saturday, March 8th, the Los Angeles Times printed an article in which the UN accused the United States of forging documents that it supplied to the UN. Since that piece, no other source has reported on that topic. It was also reported in The Observer, in the UK, that the US has been spying on and intimidating UN officials. Why have these stories gone unprinted in our media?


Good question.

I wish I knew the answer/s.

Sorry to infringe on your page with a different but related subject, but I'm not sure how to put this below on a new page:

That Tour de France winner (Landis) has Mennonite roots, and as such, might likely be pacifist or have pacifist tendencies.

Also, I find it highly unlikely that big business would want people looking at A CEREAL BOX EVERY MORNING WITH THE FACE OF A PACIFIST ON IT!

It does not add up that this man would cheat on the Tour de France. If there really were synthetic drugs found in his system, I would bet that someone drugged his beer the night before, totally unknown to him. Or, maybe the whole testing system is corrupt, or manipulatable. So who is going to police the testers? And watch their every move, lest they be bribed? Since after all no one can be trusted, until "proven" innocent? (I haven't liked t.v. sports at all, ever since this drug testing has been implemented.)

Also, how is it that his hormone levels did not test high until right after the race? I know little about this whole subject, but I did hear that the main problem with hormone abuse occurs when they are used over time.

It DOES NOT add up to me that this man cheated.

It DOES add up to me that big business would not dare want a pacifist on a cereal box. And, would probably go to strange extremes to prevent such a thing. (They'd just enlist their personal ways and means committee/s.)

If I were a p.r. agent trying to accomplish war propaganda, I imagine I might have contrived or set him up by spiking his beer. Then I would want to see how he reacted, so that whenever I was in a public relations crisis, I could mimic the reaction to fool the public and get them on my side.

I knew they were evil, but these p.r. agencies have really gone overboard. They are the anti-truth.