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Tamara Walsh completed her PhD in 2006 and is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland. Her "research interest lies in the impact of the law on people in poverty. Her research to date has included examinations of vagrancy law, social security law, corrections law, citizenship and human rights law." [1]

Research Reports

  • H Douglas, T Walsh, K Blore, Mothers and the Child Protection System: A Report, (Brisbane, 2009)
  • T Walsh, No Vagrancy: An Examination of the Impact of the Criminal Justice System on People Living in Poverty in Queensland, (1st Qld, 2007)
  • T Walsh, No Offence: The Enforcement of Offensive Language and Offensive Behaviour Offences in Queensland, (1st Qld, 2006)
  • M Taylor, T Walsh, Nowhere to Go: The Impact of Police Move-on Powers on Homeless People in Queensland, (A combined Law School and QPILCH report, completed by students on clinical legal placement at the QPILCH Homeless Person's Legal Clinic, Semester 1, 2006 (Qld, 2006)
  • T Walsh, Incorrections II: Correcting Government, (1st Qld, 2005)
  • T Walsh, From Park Bench to Court Bench: Developing a Response to Breaches of Public Space Law by Marginalised People, (1st Qld, 2004)
  • T Walsh, Incorrections: Investigating Prison Release Practice and Policy in Queensland and Its Impact on Public Safety, (1st Qld, 2004)

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