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Terri Raney

"Terri Raney is Senior Economist of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN and editor of the The State of Food and Agriculture. Before she has been Senior Trade Economist, FAO, (1998 – 2002), Agricultural Economist and Senior Economist at the Economic Research Service in United States Department of Agriculture (1989 – 1998), and Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and IMPACT Center, Washington State University (1986 – 1989).
"She won the Quality of Communications Award (2005) from the American Agricultural Economics Association for “Agricultural biotechnology: Meeting the needs of the poor?” in The State of Food and Agriculture, 2003-04.
"Terri Raney has a B.A. in History and Economics, 1978, a M.Sc., Economics, 1982, and a Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, 1986, Oklahoma State University."[1]

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  • Email: terri.raney@fao.org

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