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Terror-Free Oil Initiative is a Coral Springs, Florida-based pro-Israel lobbying group that claims to have established gasoline filling stations in several US cities that do not sell oil originating "from countries that do not export or finance terrorism." [1] Its website states: "We educate the public by promoting those companies that acquire their crude oil supply from nations outside the Middle East and by exposing those companies that do not." [2]

The organization shares its address with Americans Against Hate (AAH). [3] [4].

Modus Operandi

The organization's modus operandi is crude, in-your-face propaganda:

  • The logo includes the Pentagon and World Trade Center twin towers with the flight numbers of the 9/11 planes inscribed on them; [5]
  • An image with Osama bin Laden's face crossed out; [6]
  • The banners alternate between "God Bless America", "We Stand With Israel", "[UK] You are in our prayers", "Support Denmark" [7] (intermittently on the right hand side of the screen); and
  • Its spokesman appears on TV with an American flag for a tie.

The organization is pushing a variety of the Clash of Civilizations theory which identifies Israel with a West at war with the Arab-Islamic world.

TFOI's Funding Pitch

On its website TFOI states that companies can pay a $1 annual franchise fee for the use of its logo and "to run Terror-Free Oil gas station(s) you must subscribe to Terror-Free principles...". Two of the eight principles are:

  • "Gas/diesel products must be purchased from a company that does not import oil from the Middle East (required);
  • "1% of revenues must be donated to a counter-terrorism organization (required)". [8]

The accompanying list of approved "counter-terrorism organizations" includes:

  • Americans Against Hate - Support Page
  • CAIR Watch - Support Page
  • The Intelligence Summit - Support Page
  • The Investigative Project
  • Jihad Watch
  • Middle East Forum - Support Page
  • Operation Helmet - Support Page
  • SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities) Institute
  • Soldiers Memorial Fund
  • Terror-Free Oil Initiative
  • Wounded Warrior Project

Anti-Arab Racism

The organization's website includes slogans that gas station owners are encouraged to display, such as "Our oil does not come from the Middle East, Your dollars do NOT finance terrorism." Another states "This Gas Station is part of Terror Free Oil Initiative - We do not purchase our oil from countries whose regimes or populations are hostile to the United States." [9]


Media Exposure

Not surprisingly, Kaufman has made frequent appearances on Fox News and other American right wing media, however, despite its dubious provenance, National Public Radio and the BBC -- which claims to rely only on credible sources -- also chose to run stories on the initiative.


Website: http://www.terrorfreeoil.org

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