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Terry L. Garlock was chief executive officer in the now-defunct Vietnam Vets for the Truth (VVFT), which sought to discredit John Kerry ahead of the 2004 presidental campaign. [1]


According to his Speaker's Bureau profile on the Winter Soldier website, "Terry Garlock served in the Army as a Cobra helicopter pilot in Vietnam, completing just half his tour before being shot down in a firefight, and medevaced home with a broken back. Mr. Garlock holds a bachelor's degree and MBA from the University of West Florida, and spent a number of years as a consultant to business owners investigating the cause of failure of financial institutions. He is currently an independent Certified Financial Planner and investments advisor. At the age of 50 Mr. Garlock adopted a one-year-old girl from China, and four years later did so a second time. His 2003 book about his daughters, Sisters Redeem Their Grumpy Dad includes a long section about Vietnam so his children will understand what really happened there, no matter what they read in their schoolbooks. Mr. Garlock is active in the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association and has written a number of newspaper columns for the Atlanta Constitution related to the Vietnam War. ... Garlock contributed the feature article Such Good Men to WinterSoldier.com."

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