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"The Bateleurs came into being in 1998 as a result of a flight over the Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park by South African conservationist, Nora Kreher. Nora was inspired by seeing the added benefits which an aerial perspective can bring to any stakeholder charged with making critical environmental decisions. Gathering together her many pilot contacts, Nora founded The Bateleurs in order to fly missions for conservation and the environment. Today the organisation comprises approximately 130 volunteer pilot members, each with their own light aircraft, all of whom are dedicated to preserving the environment. This is achieved by flying missions at the request of a broad range of beneficiary organisations or individuals who need an aerial perspective of the issue they are assessing or addressing.

"By assisting more than 120 beneficiary organisations, including wildlife conservation bodies, government decision-making bodies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and many others dedicated to conservation, The Bateleurs provides decision-makers, researchers, educators, NGOs and the media with information which assists them to make sound environmental decisions...

"This increasingly important conservation resource requires funds to remain active. Since 1998 The Bateleurs has raised more than R2.7 million from corporates, donors, trust funds and philanthropists, not including donations-in-kind." [1]

Executive Committee

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