The Centre Party (United States)

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The Centre Party (United States)

The Centre Party is the name of an Florida centrist political party created in 2007. It shares many of the same platform planks for the Republican, Democrat and Green Parties.


The political party was founded by Charles Elsie. None of its candidates have been elected to state or federal office. It is still working on the development of its platform.

Platform and philosophy

In a January 2007 article in the Press-Tribune, several of the early members of the The Centre Party were interviewed. They expressed support for congressional term limits, being fiscally conservative, reducing government taxes and regulations, supporting small businesses, and building a political center.

The Centre Party has copied, word-for-word, the best selections of the Republican, Democrat and Green platform, and seeks to take on issues the big party's won't consider. The goal is to be on Its politically centrist politics.

The Centre Party's Logo/Symbol

The political symbol chosen to represent The Centre Party was a round circle, and a person standing inside on it. The purpose was to demonstrate that the person has information around them (the circle) and they are in the center of it. People will usually choose the middle aspect of an idea if available most of the time, is the idea behind this symbol.

The Centre Party 2007.gif

The Name "Centre" vs the use of "Center" in American Politics

Traditionally, the use of the word "Centre" has been used in Europe and in Canada. And In the United States, the word "Center". The Centre Party chose this version of "Centre" to symbolize appear different in the pack of other political parties. "The Centre Party" also can be called "The Center Party" for more contemporary times. This particularly political party is Purely born out of American angst against the current political difference the 3 main parties have. Republican, Democrat and Green"

Electorate Participation in Writing the Platforms of The Centre Party

People are encouraged to write what they believe in the most on The Centre Party's website blog. It will be adopted as a mainstay on the platforms. The Centre Party believes in Human intellect for solving problems and facing issues that other political parties ignore. The goal of The Centre Party is to have an engaging electorate to write their mind, and issues that appear most important to them. Also, it is hoped that public policies come out of the new type of political party. The Centre believes the collective wisdom of over 250 million people in the United States is a lot more impressive than all the United States Federal Government combined. Therefore, now citizens who are disappointed in the 3 party system, now have a directly line of communication to the Party that will represent them, The Centre Party.

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